It is perhaps the most interesting and visited section of our website. We are not surprised because the financial aspect is often a major factor in the decision. If you are looking for the job online, Express-Career Project is just what you need.

We will not mislead anyone and promise that within the project you can get easy money just for the fact of the registration. It is not about our project, as well as about monthly income limits. You need to work hard to get good paid to.

Please note that the earnings of each member of the project is different and sometimes significantly. That is because we do not have a certain rate.

Our income is directly dependent on the effort, hard work and dedication. In our project it is possible to earn $5,000, but the main factor is to want to reach this goal.

How much does the average project participant earn?

Someone is trying and working more and harder; someone is working less and therefore receives the deserved payment. It is a fair approach. During 6 months we have maintained records to fix the approximate income of each participant. We would like once again to put the emphasis on the fact that these figures are average participant income, i.e. in our project there are people who earn much more, and you can exceed their numbers.

How to get salary?

There is no place for:

  • Payment on e-wallets;
  • Tax evasion;
  • Understatement of income;
  • Illegal job placement.

There is a place for:

  • Payment on bank card 17 times per year;
  • 6% single tax;
  • Pension fund contributions;
  • Official employment and record of work.

After registration, you become a full participant of Express-Career Project and get all the benefits of working with us: free tuition, round the clock assistance, support to the result and, of course, the long-awaited salary.

You will be assigned with a unique number, on which initially cash will be received. You may store bonuses, keep money and pay half a cost of the order. To get cash, it is necessary to sign a contract with a company, open a sole proprietorship and register an operating account in any bank.

How are things going with payment in practice?

Registration in the project and receiving of the individual number
Free education from our team leaders and some kind of training
Gained knowledge practice and forward movement
Decent level of salary and individual proprietorship registration (usually in a half a year)
Official employment, own business running and getting salary once per 3 weeks, i.e. 17 times per year

We recommend you to register an individual proprietorship when Director Title is reached. The promotion in the company is so rapid that only in half a year you will receive not less than $1,000 per month.

If idling is not for you and you have some problems with finding a suitable workplace, Express-Career Project is the best cure for a lack of money and against financial difficulties! We have been waiting for you!
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