Yuliya Chigvintseva, Russia

I joined Express-Career project 2 years ago. Despite the fact that I have been working within the project such a short period of time, I have something to be proud of – 1 my colleague becomes the Senior Director and 1 becomes the Gold Director. Due to this project I quit my previous job. Now I am a self-employed entrepreneur who has enough time for family. Any day I may go with my son to the park or entertainment center. He loves to play in a game room with other children.

The main thing that I have got from Express-Career project lies not only in money and stable income, but in FREEDOM. It is a freedom from supervisors and a freedom of choice. My son does not visit a kindergarten from 7:30 till 18:00. He goes there from 10:00 till 16:00. During a week I arrange a day of rest.

I do not need to wake up early in the morning and rush to work worrying that I may be late. Sometimes I think that work through the Internet is the best variant for me. Before I hate Mondays! Thinking about working days on Sundays, I had a bad mood. But now everything is different. I wake up, make a cup of tea with lemon, turn on foot tapping music, and go to work. I mean that I open my laptop and go to the Internet!

If I do not have an access to the Internet, I am upset, because I do favorite business. Besides, I get more than $500 per month! Join our project and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Marina Brykailo, Ukraine

My story with Express-Career project began 2 years ago. I was born in the village and there I grew up. I had a lot of difficulties in my life. Our family had got a big household and my childhood was spent there. Because of crisis we could not afford to buy something. I do not say about dresses of which I have dreamt. I always felt a lack of money and it was terrible. After my school graduation I decided to go to the university in Odessa. This place is so beautiful and rich that I wanted to stay here and become a rich person. I married and had a baby but my family had to count and save money. It was not my dream. Then I found information about Express-Career project and it was my lucky ticket!

Why I joined a project? I was tired of saving money, wearing one jacket for several years, not seeing my husband because of job, being humiliated at previous work. In a half a year my income was more than $400. In a year my passive income turned into $1,000. And it is not all. Oriflame company gave me a bonus in the sum of $6,000. Now I am a mother with 2 children and an independent woman. I have my own car and we go on holiday by our auto. I spent my last vacation in Spain. I can buy everything that I want (dresses as well).

We invite all people who want to change life and make all dreams come true! I know that with this project my family may afford everything we need and desire.

Ekaterina Guskova, Russia

Today I am a mother of 2 little girls and a woman who may earn money without going outside. To be honest, I consider that time spent looking after a baby is the best time which a woman may have. But it seems like our government disagrees because it is the hardest time for every woman. Usually you do not have a support, financial welfare and opportunity to go to work. I was scared and upset because I did not want to live in a worry that I could not give my children best facilities and opportunities.

I started looking for a job and found Express-Career project. It was my solution. I found exactly what I needed – a free schedule, work at home through the Internet when I have a time and desire, opportunity to work with people all over the world and chance to earn more than $800 per 3 weeks. The main idea is very simple. You need to use cosmetics for personal purposes (not to sell, only if you want), share information about the project with people; communicate with colleagues and partners in social networks. Everybody has free time and now it is possible to spend time with pleasure and usefully.

Nowadays I earn more than I have earned on my previous job, despite the fact that I held a senior position. I do not need to ask whether I can go home or to the children’s matinee. I plan my vacation when I want to go to the vacation. I am a boss to myself! Free your mind from imposed stereotypes, start doing something that you never do, and your life changes remarkably. Begin to act now.

Oksana Molchanova, Russia

I am a 9% Manager in Oriflame company. I was invited to Express-Career project by my friend who has succeeded there and told me about work at home. After joining the project I started to read success stories of different people who earlier were usual mothers, students or pensioners and became chiefs and leaders. I was inspired by these stories and realized that I want to be among them.

Why am I not a TOP leader today? I was lazy and unmotivated; I thought that somebody does everything for me. But it is not true. I visited MEGA forum in Moscow, where all Russian leaders gathered. I got a lot of energy that I could not express it in words! Now I have a strong motivation.

Why do I cooperate with Express-Career project? I know that its name is a brand. A lot of people tried to run own business with the help of our project and found that it is possible. I work for the benefit of my team and my family. I earn more than $500 and get bonuses from Oriflame. Also I have a discount on all products presented in the catalogues, that’s why I save family budget and buy high-quality products for myself and my lovely friends.

I will work within the project further because I could not imagine myself without this integral part of my life and my success. If you need drastic changes and do not know where to go or find a help, come to us and build business which brings money and pleasure to all members of your family!

Guzel Yakubova, Russia

I am an independent Internet entrepreneur who successfully cooperates with Express-Career project and Oriflame company. I have chosen this way after leaving my main workplace and having a baby. Now I am running my own business. Everything that I need for a prosperous work is my laptop, an access to the Internet and 2-3 hours per day.

I am convinced that every 3 weeks I get my salary without delay. No financial crisis, default, revolution could affect our business. We provide you with an elaborated and stable system of getting income. I mean salary from $1,000 and more. Is not it great? Our project is constantly developing. In the long run business becomes a passive income. You will seat at home and do nothing while getting money. You may achieve much more than some people can achieve during the whole life.

The main advantages of our project are official salary paid to the bank account, social benefits and length of service. We offer a real job place without investments and with free schedule that especially for me was a key solution because of my little child. Also everything achieved in the project will be inherited by your children. So we may call our work a family business.

I am so happy that one day I decided to change my life and make a decisive step towards my bright future. My advice to you is not to worry and believe in your dreams! Join us and let’s work together!

Liana Karimova, Russia

I am a wife and mother of 3 children! Firstly I was interested in Express-Career project due to its policy. For me it was very important not to invest money in an unfamiliar company. That time I was on maternity leave with my third child and thought only about well-being of my children. I started working immediately after registration but, to be honest, I had doubts whether it is a right choice or not.

The success of the upline leaders inspired me. The prepared system of income, free education, and online conferences gave a powerful impetus to my growth! Even having 3 children, it is possible to find a time. Now I know exactly that my decision to join a project was the right one.

A systematic work from day to day gave its results. In 11 months I became a Director in Oriflame company. Now I am a sole proprietor developing own business. I am grateful to my friendly team. My colleagues always support me and help in difficulties. I know that I may rely on them.

I am thankful that I was able to see all the opportunities provided by the project. I really found myself. In October, 2015, I flight to Egypt for free due to the company. It was the first time I have seen the Red Sea, Oriflame conference of such a huge scale and Anna Cherna, the founder of Express-Career project. Believe in yourself and your dreams! Let’s start today. I wish everybody active partners, fast growth and stable business.

Anna Razgoniaeva, Ukraine

I am 31 years old and at this age I am a wife, mother of 2 children and successful business lady in Express-Career project. After graduating the university, I worked as accountant for 1 year. Even then I knew that a salary of a subordinate person can’t satisfy all my needs. That’s why I decided to run my own business and open a plumbing supplies store. It was a good idea which gave me enough money to stay at home with my 2 children while they were babies. I enjoyed a taste of big money and freedom.

Once I understood that I want to realize my potential and think over new ideas. I have never thought about Internet projects before receiving an invitation to the Express-Career project. I suggested that it is my chance to cooperate with Oriflame company, buy cosmetics at the discount and try to set up own business.

I had a fear that nothing happens due to a lack of computer knowledge. My sponsors helped me and provided me with a free education. This is now rare to find. Surely it takes time, patience and desire to understand all details but it is so interesting! It is a real pleasure to see as my structure is growing and developing. I want to share this invaluable information and experience with other people who look for such opportunities as I looked for.

We do not ask our participants to invest money. There are no risks to lose anything. One thing you need to have is a desire to create a source of passive income. We support you!

Ekaterina Metrikova, Russia

I am in an opened position of Oriflame Gold Director. 2 and half years ago Express-Career project came into my life and now I am happy that I chose a way of success, material well-being, and even a way of fairy tale. I call our project a fairy tale, why not? I sit at home near my children and husband, do not go anywhere, spend my time as I want and get a stable salary once a month.

Only here I have chance to earn as much as I need and desire. Every newcomer is not left alone without support and help. We always share our experience with him or her, give advice. If you have some doubts, worries, and fears, please do not worry and not be afraid. Our project does not require any investments. You may find a lot of information about our project in the Internet. We have proved that Express-Career is a household name with an impeccable reputation.

Be active, purposeful and hard-working. Such people are invited to our project. I wish everybody who has joined our team to believe in project, company and yourself. If I have not joined this project, I might never know how much I could earn. My monthly income is more than $2,000. Always remember that a success and material well-being are given to those who are patient, wise, active and positive. Do not close the door in front of luck and bright future!

Maria Viktorova, Russia

Hi! My name is Maria and I am 39 years old. I have 2 perfect children due to whom I decided to find a job in the Internet. The biggest part of my life I have worked under the supervision of bosses. I couldn’t say that I earned little money. My work was paid well, but I did not have enough time for myself and my family. In 2013 my daughter was born and I realized that I am tired of this endless race. I want to be at home with my family, I want to see how my babies grow up, and I want to earn enough to give my children everything they desire. That’s why I decided to look for a job over the Internet. Fortunately, I read information about Express-Career project and joined it.

I am the participant of the project only 1 year, but I can state with all confidence that it’s exactly what I need! There are free education from the very beginning, moral and information support, friendly colleagues, confident and successful people around, and most importantly – fast-growing revenue! In my own experience I understand that people, who do something, definitely achieve their goals.

In first 11 months I became Director and opened 3 new high ranks. I receive my salary and bonuses on my official bank account, and my income is higher that I got working as a manager in a well-known bank. If you still look for a sign that encourage you to take an action, know that it is a sign already! Register and change your consciousness and your reality.

Oksana Zabashta, Ukraine

Before joining Express-Career project I was visiting Oriflame main office, listening about the prospects of the company for hours. But I was unsatisfied because felt a supervision and pressure. I had to make lists of all my friends and phone them. It was terrible, and I refused to cooperate with Oriflame.

But one day I met a person who is a participant of Express-Career project and this meeting inspired me. The one thing I need to do is to share the information with other people in the Internet. I do not need to phone my friends, sell cosmetics and be under continuing stress. I give the information to people, communicate with them on social networks and find real partners. I am a lawyer and economist, so before registering I looked for the data about this project and its legitimacy. There are a pile of different reviews and comments about Express-Career. We work legally. I made a choice and this choice was a right one.

Every day I work honestly, and in few months I will be awarded with $2,000 for my perseverance. The plans are ambitious, the structure is strong and colleagues are my friends. How did I learn everything? There is no need in experience, you should only start. Each of us started from scratch. I work there with my husband and feel his support all time. Begin, work and win! You will succeed!

Anastasiya Evdokimovich, Russia

I am a mother of 2 little girls for whom I try to do all the best. I want to see my princesses all the time, not only on the weekends. How did I decide to join this project? The salary of my husband was cut and I needed to look for work at home that gives me a chance to bring some income to the house. I found a lot of online projects but most of them offer me a job with investments. It was not for me definitely. The last offer I received was from Express-Career project and it was my escape from poor life.I do not need to go to some obligatory meetings, make presentations, rush with catalogues to people and offer them to buy any products, hand out leaflets. What do I do within the project? I send e-mails, give advice to people on social networks, and have interviews via Skype and so on.

What do I have now due to the project? I have an opportunity to stay at home and work at the same time; realize my potential – make money fast and effectively; run own business – I can proudly say that I am an Internet entrepreneur. Now I am a financially independent person who may afford all desires and wishes. Learn with us to be successful and free people!

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