Express-Career Online Project is more than 3 years old, but our geography is so vast that it is difficult to imagine. The project has long gone beyond one city and even the country and at this moment we are an international team, whose members live in different parts of the world. Having started our work in Ukraine, we have found like-minded people in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Baltic countries and Asia.

Despite the thousands of kilometers separating us, we maintain a close relationship and call ourselves a big family. We appreciate each other and enjoy each meeting. We meet at least four times a year. That's because Oriflame company (our business partner) awarded the project participants with free abroad trips, where during the celebration we can meet and share our achievements in business. The number of our team is growing every day. Oriflame company enters new markets, and Express-Career Project follows it as well.

Why Express-Career Project entered the international market?

Remote job at home on the Internet and social networks
Potential clients and partners anywhere in the world
Unique system of online work
Irregular working hours and absence of time differences
Business operation without personal presence and control

Such work conditions, advantages and in addition a high salary can be offered not by any project. If a lot of people trust us, it has significant reasons. And we obviously do have a range of pros due to which life of every participant is changed for the better.

Our team has been working very hard for several years to achieve such a result. It is not affair of a single day. Everything is happening gradually and methodically, but with the advent of the Internet and its spread among the population of all countries business began to grow by leaps and bounds. By joining us, you will also contribute to the friendship between the peoples and the strengthening of relations between different nationalities. Your contribution is very important for us.

Express-Career Project is in continuous development and business promotion. You may become one of us and enter with us unknown till this moment the labor markets. You open a world of unlimited opportunities and tempting offers.

If you want to go beyond routine and stereotype life, keep in touch with necessary people from other countries and bring your own business on the world stage, then book a seat on the Express-Career train!
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