Initially, our offer may seem trivial but pondering on its meaning, the picture changes and becomes a logically assembled puzzle. As the saying runs, all the great things are simple.

Each of us at least 1 time per month goes to the store to shop for themselves and their families. We buy a huge amount of cosmetics: toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, cream, nail polish, perfume.

We can not pass by the various accessories and jewelry.

Summing up all the costs and calculating them at the end of the month, it is possible to be horrified - half of the family budget is wasted making the purse of the store owner bigger.

What to do if there is a limit of money?

This question is easily solved with the help of our project. Express-Career has been cooperating with the Swedish company offering quality products at a discount of 20%. This discount is received by each participant of our project without exception. Bonus programs require a return of 50% of the amount of the purchase. Besides that you get all the necessary goods for personal purposes (the quality of which is much higher than shop offers) with a 20% discount, you also return money in the family budget.

Need exact figures and numbers?

20% discounts, 50% money return, sales up to 80% do not give us an accurate picture and understanding of the real costs and benefits. To clarify this issue, we conducted a statistical research, and were surprised no less than you:


Total sum spent by each person per month for purchasing cosmetics, perfume or accessories.


Minimal monthly saving on a family member due to a 20% discount. If a family consists of 4 people, its savings are $16.


Minimal sum that may be returned to a family budget after making a purchase. It is done due to a 50% bonus program.


Savings, 6$ – spent sum for purchasing cosmetics, perfume or accessories.

It turned out that our project not only promotes career growth and business development, but also saves money on a basic level. Only $6 are spent to buy goods and $14 are returned to its owner. Still not impressed by these figures? Let’s look at the passive income in our project!

How to get $1,000 per month for sure?

A pleasant bonus in the form of a 20% discount, which is received by each member of the project, plays an important role in the formation of the salary.


Monthly newcomers registration to the own structure.


Size of your structure in half a year of hard work.


Turnover of your structure, taking into account that every participant buys goods for $20.


Your remuneration in a half a year for the organized work and turnover.

All the figures are real. We specifically have shown clearly the calculation scheme in order you not to be embarrassed by the enormous sums with multiple zeros. You use the goods as needed; find like-minded people who want to spend money and at the same time to save, join your forces and again get to know like-minded people. With every new member, your profit is growing without any restrictions. Honest work should be paid!

Earnings of $1,000 per month are closer than it seems. It waits for you in Express-Career Project. Do not stand on the sidelines waiting for a miracle. The miracle does not happen, if you do not begin to act. Aim + action = guaranteed result!
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