On the Internet it is much often one can find offers about remote work in Russia. It is not surprising why such proposals exist in large numbers and enjoy the incredible demand.

The advent of the Internet has made adjustments not only in the personal life of each of us, but also in business which constantly has to adapt to the labor market. On the Internet the popularity is given to social networks and applications such as Skype, WhatssApp, Viber, Instagram, etc. Due to all these innovations, online work on the Internet does not seem something unusual or out of reach. Everyone who wants to work from home, being with family, relatives and loved ones, can afford it.

But there is another problem which lies in the abundance of proposals on the domestic work, because of which the choice of a reliable company has become a serious challenge. If you are interested in work in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, and indeed in any region of Russia, then we can congratulate you, because Express-Career Project and Oriflame company are reliable partners with the help of which you can earn real money.

Oriflame company is more than 50 years old and our advanced and developing project is more than 3. A lot of people know about the company, but our project is not less famous, even despite an age difference. Why? Because we give people a free opportunity to become leaders, work and control their business from anywhere in the world, communicate with interesting people and have a monthly income of $1,000 per month. We do not ask for an investment or any other financial expenses. Everything is legal and legitimate.

5 reasons to join Express-Career Project

Work-at-home job with guaranteed and timely payment once per 3 weeks
Unlimited passive income of $1,000 per month and cash rewards for good work
Employment, record of work and full benefits package
International level events at least 4 times a year at the expense of the company
Friendly team, partners from all around the world, new and interesting acquaintances

Not everyone in Russia may make boast of $1,000 salary. Those who can do it know that money is not so easy to earn. Within our project you do not need to work physically, sit in the front of the computer screen day and night and forget about your family because of constant lack of money and time. Only 3-6 working hours a day and an income of $1,000 are yours for sure.

You will get assistance not only from the close-knit team of Express-Career Project, but also from employees of Oriflame company. A popular brand, high-quality cosmetics, patented system of effective work and rapid growth do half the work for you. You only need to get free training and follow step-by-step instructions that we have elaborated specially for all project participants.

Work should bring not only a good income, but also fun and enjoy! If you stick to the same point of view, then you are definitely one of us! Sign up and let's begin the fruitful cooperation right now!
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