If to compare two phrases «work in Moldova» and «work at home in Moldova», the difference is seen immediately. Only one word may change the meaning of the whole phrase. More and more people prefer the second variant, because it contains an incredible amount of advantages. Those who live in big cities and metropolitan areas do not understand the critical issue of total unemployment. Yes, in big cities in return there is a huge competition for every job place, but at least this job exists. In small towns and provinces it could be no job offers. For people who do not want to idle but dream of decent work, Express-Career Project is a way of exit from the province. We offer remote job without leaving home and family.

Why does the Internet give the opportunity to earn more?

Time saving

Few people love to wake up in the early morning, pack things in a hurry, eat a breakfast hastily or even remain without it, just because it is obligatory to arrive at work by 9:00. You do not have enough time to do all things in the morning. Telework involves flexible schedule that is why you have a chance to start working at noon, in the evening or even at night.

Money saving

Favorite public transport or own car take a lot of money. Having counted all the expenses at the end of the month, it could be noted that more often travel expenses cover about one-third of the total salary. It seems that we make money only to pay for the transport to work. It is a vicious circle.

24/7 control

Online business does not indicate that work can be done exclusively at home. The content of proposal is that there is a real chance to run a business from anywhere in the world. The main thing is the access to the Internet. It is very convenient if you like travelling or are forced to be in the constant business trips. You monitor the work of subordinates and stay in touch with them.

Attention saving

Even the most hard-working and motivated employees are often distracted by a conversation with a colleague. It is quite important to discuss news, clarify the working moments, and just keep the conversation going. All these talks often distract from the work, and the efficiency of the working day is reduced to zero. Being at home in front of a laptop screen, you are left alone.

Express-Career Online Project is based on the above working methods. We understand the difficulties that you encounter in everyday life, and we want to show you a proven way with ready-made solutions. We do not focus on one particular city in Moldova, we offer work in the regions of Moldova to anyone who wants to increase the effectiveness of work and get paid a minimum of $1,000 per month.

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