Are you interested in working from home in Kazakhstan? Have you not heard about this kind of work, or simply do not know what this phrase means?

We do not offer a job of cleaner, nanny or plumber. We are talking about telework for citizens of Kazakhstan.

Our offer is available for all regions of Kazakhstan and suitable for people under 14 years old. Serious business with a decent salary level can be built by everybody without exception, as we do not limit the number of the potential participants.

If you are a student, retired person, female, male, unemployed or employed, you can join us immediately.

We do not accept slackers and incompetents who are waiting that work will be done by others. We help open up and move forward, but half of the work is your responsibility.

Why does our offer provide you with great opportunities?

No financial investments, contributions
No special education
No computer skills
No fraud and risks of being deceived
No empty promises and stories

If you have been looking for a job in Kazakhstan, certainly you have faced with a variety of job offers. But conditions like in our Express-Career Project you will not find anywhere else. Our team has been over 3 years actively working on the Internet, and during that time we managed to gain valuable experience, which is so necessary to you. Without knowledge and practical skills you can hardly succeed in any field. We offer training, video-ready tools and materials free of charge.

How to succeed in our project promptly?

3-6 hours working day (you may work 1 hour a day but then the desired result will not come as quick as you would like to)
Basic education for a quick start and further training to fix the results
Following of recommendations and instructions of the mentor who also began his or her career as a novice
Active participation in the discussions, chats, conferences held by Express-Career team leaders
Communication with other project participants and company employees for fruitful collaboration

It is even hard to call duties or responsibilities. It is rather guidance for successful and bright future. We do not force you to do anything, not oblige you to work day and night, not conflict with your views and wishes. Everything is going here on the voluntary basis and in free format. It means that we do not limit you. If you want to work at noon or midnight, you may do it; if you desire to work 1 or 12 hours a day, it is not a problem; if you wish to sit in front of a laptop screen in dressing gown and house-shoes, it is your choice. Everything is done for your comfort and convenience.

Additional earnings of $1,000 a month are waiting for their owner.
If it is not you, then who is else?
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