Probably, you have not found copious information about our project and something remains unclear. In this section we specially put together frequently asked questions and tried to give detailed answers. If among these questions and answers you have not found what you were looking for, email us or leave your contact details on the website and our staff will come in touch with you as soon as possible.

?Are there any age limits for the participation in Express-Career Project?
?What do I lose by leaving the project?
?I get a 20% discount on all products of the company, but I do not need it. Can I refuse to use it?
?I have a job and I do not want to leave it. Is it possible to combine two employments?
If you are a person who is not looking for main workplace, but only part time work on the Internet, then you have got to address. We offer remote work at home with a convenient schedule. When you have some free time, then you can work in the project. Very often we receive requests for participation from employed people but there is a paradox – most of them leave the previous job and devote all their free time cooperating with us. It is happened because of a variety of reasons. The main one lies in the high level of salary without delay.
?What education is required for the participation in the project?
We do not need your higher education diploma and even secondary education certificate. The main thing is your desire to carry out our recommendations, follow the instructions and learn the valuable experience gained over the years of hard work. We have developed a unique system of rapid income, created a training material base for beginners and can pass it to you immediately.
?I have no computer skills and ideas how to work on the Internet. Do I have any chances?
Sure. In our project there are a lot of people who know only how to switch the computer on and off. We offer free video tutorials. Newcomers who have thought that computer and the Internet are something supernatural are doing now an excellent job with their responsibilities. Do not worry and not be afraid. Few lessons, and the guaranteed income is in your pocket.
?On the Internet there are a pile of frauds. I have doubts whether you are not one of them.
Certainly, we do not have a certificate proved that we are not crooks. But we may provide you with the range of incontestable evidence. We do not require any contributions and regular payments. We do not ask you to invest money in our project, or keep your money on our bank account. So you bear no financial risks. If we were crooks, we would have tried to get your money. But it will not happen. Our project is more than 3 years old, so you may easily find information about us on the Internet. Please do not mistake us for other projects that conceal their names by ours.
?Do I need to purchase goods in great numbers and sell them?
Earlier an Oriflame company strategy was based exactly on this concept. We did not have another variant to choose, because computer and especially the Internet were something out of science fiction. Times have changed and such methods no longer work with their former results. Express-Career Project offers money network without a necessity to buy products in bulk and try to sell them to everyone you meet.
?If there is no purchase and sale, how does Oriflame company make money and pay the salaries without delay?
We do not buy products in disparate volumes and do not sell them to the third parties (unless it is a personal desire of the participant). We use a 20% discount on the products from the catalogs for personal purposes. We need to buy shampoo, and we buy it in Oriflame; we need to buy nail polish, and we again apply to the company, etc. Thus, we not only save our own money, but also increase the company's turnover and the turnover of the personal group. The more people are registered in your personal group, the higher your monthly income will be.
?I have heard a lot about Oriflame company. About a half of humanity is working there.
Frankly speaking, we are flattered to hear such comments in our address, but unfortunately, rumors of half of humanity is clearly exaggerated. We have the official data and according to it only 8% of social networks users have been or are currently employees. 92% of people are potential customers, with whom we are interested to cooperate. The company branches are located in over 40 countries around the world and their number is constantly increasing. Together with Oriflame company new markets are entered by Express-Career Project. You have a chance to join us and not be among those 92% of the population.
?Why do you require my passport information during the registration process?
We do not need your secret data, copies or scans of documents. The only thing we require is a series and a number of the passport to your further identification in the project. We conduct business lawfully, that is why all our employees are real people and get paid to their registered bank accounts. Do you want your salary to be given to another person just because you are afraid to indicate the series and passport number? You take no risk by indicating such a kind of data. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

We hope that these answers were useful, and helped you to have the correct view of our project. Our team is always open to new suggestions, creative ideas and fresh thoughts. Let's build a successful business together!
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